SP Advisors is a full-service investment house with operations in Ukraine and Eastern Europe established in 2011. We have assembled a veteran management and corporate advisory team with experience in the Eastern European investment space. SP Advisors partners with companies in and outside of Ukraine, including leading investment banks and law, consulting, and audit firms.  

We assist international investors in identifying attractive Ukrainian assets and viable transactions. We also provide market insight and support, and offer advisory services to local companies seeking to raise capital and improve corporate governance standards. The SP Advisors team offers a one-stop shop for equity and debt instruments as well as corporate finance advisory.

Ukraine Politics: A Fresh Start with New Faces 8.12.2014

Ukraine’s new government is starting its life under inauspicious conditions. Stiff macroeconomic, fiscal, monetary, and military headwinds are prevailing, while the Ukrainian public and international lenders continue to demand swift and sweeping reforms. March 12, 2015 will mark the 100-day period…
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Ukraine Politics: Prioritizing Reforms 24.11.2014

The pro-European parties that will make up a strong majority in parliament have announced an extensive package of reforms that will also form the basis of the future government’s work. Ukrainian politicians seem to recognize the urgent need to move forward with real reforms. On Sunday Germany’s foreign…
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Ukraine Politics: Putin’s Growing Isolation 17.11.2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin went into the weekend’s G20 Leaders’ Summit in Brisbane confident and full of military vigor. He left – ahead of schedule – rebuked by the West. The EU may now be considering additional sanctions on Russia in the wake of last week’s renewed influx of troops…
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