SP Advisors is a full-service investment house with operations in Ukraine and Eastern Europe established in 2011. We have assembled a veteran management and corporate advisory team with experience in the Eastern European investment space. SP Advisors partners with companies in and outside of Ukraine, including leading investment banks and law, consulting, and audit firms.  

We assist international investors in identifying attractive Ukrainian assets and viable transactions. We also provide market insight and support, and offer advisory services to local companies seeking to raise capital and improve corporate governance standards. The SP Advisors team offers a one-stop shop for equity and debt instruments as well as corporate finance advisory.

Ukraine Economy: Still working in crisis mode 14.07.2015

Although a “the worst is behind us” sentiment is starting to emerge gradually, Ukraine’s economy will need more time to digest the shocks from 2014 and 1Q15 before it returns to a sustainable growth path. Meanwhile, we downgrade our 2015 GDP projection to -12.4% from -10.1% based on worse-than-expected…
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TBC Bank. Firmly on Track to Meet Efficiency and Profitability Targets 29.05.2015

The record high net income of GEL 45.6 mln reported by TBC in 1Q15 (17.9% implied annualized ROE) shows the bank is successfully coping with continued economic turbulence. As a result, TBC’s operating revenue is set to expand decently in 2015 on the back of surging non-interest income. With operating…
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Ukraine Economy: The painful adjustment continues 21.05.2015

Recent macro stats releases show the Ukrainian economy has been hit harder than expected by the war, its related effects and broad structural adjustments. GDP contracted 17.6% yoy in 1Q15 while inflation surged to 60.9% in April – a one-two combo Ukraine last faced during its painful transition to…
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