SP Advisors is a full-service investment house with operations in Ukraine and Eastern Europe established in 2011. We have assembled a veteran management and corporate advisory team with experience in the Eastern European investment space. SP Advisors partners with companies in and outside of Ukraine, including leading investment banks and law, consulting, and audit firms.  

We assist international investors in identifying attractive Ukrainian assets and viable transactions. We also provide market insight and support, and offer advisory services to local companies seeking to raise capital and improve corporate governance standards. The SP Advisors team offers a one-stop shop for equity and debt instruments as well as corporate finance advisory.

SP Advisors to host first post-election investment conference “A Fresh Look at Ukraine” 23.10.2014

SP Advisors, the Kyiv-based investment firm, will host its First Investment Conference “A Fresh Look at Ukraine” on October 28-29 in Kyiv, Ukraine. The event will be the first investment conference to be held following the restoration of the country’s institutions of governance following the…
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Ukraine Economy: How Deep are the Waters? October 2014 8.10.2014

The Ukrainian economy is facing its most difficult challenge since the transition period of the 1990s. The annexation of Crimea and the occupation of industrialized Eastern Ukraine by Russian troops and local terrorists have reshaped economic ties within the country. We estimate it will take up to one…
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Avangard Approves 12.5% Dividend Payout 2.10.2014

Avangard (AVGR  LI), Ukraine’s leading producer of eggs and egg products approved dividend payout at 12.5% of 2013 net income at an AGM held on September 30. The company will spend USD 29.5 mln of its USD 238 mln 2013 net income on dividends, implying a DPS of USD 0.4625/DR and dividend yield…
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