SP Advisors is a full-service investment house with operations in Ukraine and Eastern Europe established in 2011. We have assembled a veteran management and corporate advisory team with experience in the Eastern European investment space. SP Advisors partners with companies in and outside of Ukraine, including leading investment banks and law, consulting, and audit firms.  

We assist international investors in identifying attractive Ukrainian assets and viable transactions. We also provide market insight and support, and offer advisory services to local companies seeking to raise capital and improve corporate governance standards. The SP Advisors team offers a one-stop shop for equity and debt instruments as well as corporate finance advisory.

Ukraine Economy: Persuasive signs of recovering growth. March 2016 28.03.2016

Ironically, while Ukraine’s political landscape remains chaotic and uncertain as parties are deadlocked over a new coalition and government, the economy is passing a turning point. Output is showing persuasive signs of a recovery of growth and other key economic indicators are also turning positive…
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Ukraine Politics: Coalition Games 22.02.2016

Ukraine avoids elections for now, but the coalition’s fate hangs in the balance The Yatseniuk government has survived a non-confidence vote, but opponents are crying foul and claiming political collusion to the benefit of the oligarchic old system. The already-disillusioned Ukrainian public may…
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Georgia Macroeconomic Review. February 2016 10.02.2016

The Georgian economy started 2016 sluggishly and with above-target inflation, a direct result of shocks imported from regional economies. While the regional jitters are negatively affecting headline macro numbers, the economy has proven resilient and has absorbed the shocks at a reasonable cost. GDP…
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